DAVID 365 - Ultimate Handy Router Tool Set for Hobbyists | Australia

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The D365 is the newest handy router in the David Union range and sits as a midpoint between the D360E and the powerful D550E. The D365 features a patent-pending “auto-torque engine” which detects conditions when drilling, polishing and cutting giving marvellous torque and speed compensation automatically. The spindle of the D365 is fitted with Japanese made bearing for greater precision and stability while using both low and high speeds.



  • Model No. D365

  • Power adapter with AUS plug (AUS plug only)

  • Dimensions & Weight: D24mm x L163mm / 79.3g aprox

  • Input: AC100-240V, 50/60Hz (wired power connection NOT wireless)

  • Output: 18V, 1A / 18W

  • No-load Speed: 1,800 - 12,500 RPM

  • Includes 2 sizes of collet 2.35mm & 3.0mm

  • Includes one spring cuck 0.3-3.2mm

  • DOES NOT include cutting or drilling bits.



  1. Please wear eye protection and dust mask when using.
  2. Some accessories are sharp, please handle with care.
  3. Please keep hands and the environment dry when using the tool.
  4. Try this tool set from low speed and gradually adjust to higher speed.
  5. Keep this tool set out of reach from children.